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Hello and welcome.

As a youngster, I often gravitated towards art and creating. I got my hands dirty with pencils, pastels, paint, and clay.

But, as I got older (and just slightly more mature), life became more about the practical skills and technology: the things needed to be able to make a living. Don't get me wrong, I love my day job, and am extremely grateful for the stability it gives me in life. I also, to be honest, love nerding out about technology. But I have a desire to give my younger some space to breathe and create in the here and now.

With the opening of Michael Grace & Co, that I now have a venue where I can express my creativity in a way that's purely visual and aesthetic in nature. It allows me to combine my love for technology, expressive design, and the digital space with my desire to get back to creating on a personal scale.

The carefully curated goods I’m presenting here are the product of my love for both abstract art and graphic design. I gravitate towards work that is playful yet sophisticated with vivid colors, sharp geometric forms, and strong line work. I love the contrast between sharp edges and expressive, organic brush strokes. Every element is carefully considered and composed. I hope you enjoy my work!

Michael Grace,

Made with ♥ in Seattle, WA

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